**** Warning Erotica Books Review****
Sinful Rewards 1 by Cynthia Sax
So for the next few days I will be featuring each of the Sinful Rewards books on here leading up to the release of number 4. For those who don’t know these are a novella series with 12 books total. I didn’t realize this when I bought the first one, it was only .99cents and I do love a bargain. Cynthia got me hooked on them and now I anticipate their release! The first book introduces us to Belinda Carter, a small town girl trying to overcome her childhood and prove to herself and others she can be better. Her best friend’s father is rich and gets them into an upscale condo owned by a handsome single billionaire. Nicolas is wealthy, stable, follows a routine, and once he sets his sights on something he wants he goes after it. He is everything Belinda wants in a man, only problem is how to go about meeting him…
You know what they say about the best laid plans… Hawke is a hot, tattooed, ex-military biker that stirs her body in all the best ways. She first sees him when he is naked in all his glory out on his balcony. Then when she spots him outside her building standing with his motorcycle Belinda has one thought- RUN. She knows he will be just like her father, get what he wants and bail. If only her body would listen to her mind, after one hot kiss she has a hard time saying no and forgetting him all together. You would think this is enough for a book, trying to figure out who Belinda will end up with- Nope. Cynthia Sax had to add an element of true mystery, Belinda has a secret admirer. This person sends her txt messages telling her she will be rewarded if she does what the person wants… The intrigue, the emotion, and the storyline hooked me and let me tell you I don’t normally like Erotica but Cynthia is my exception. I hope if you like romance and over 18yrs of age you will give her books a chance. You can find her on Facebook, click one this page (left hand side) to buy and pre-order her books! This series is only 99cents for each book.

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