**** Warning Erotica Books Review****

 Sinful Rewards 2-3 by Cynthia Sax

            I have pre-ordered these books because I like them appearing on my kindle at midnight. When book three became available I read it all in one sitting, didn’t even go to bed until around 4am. This is how addicted I am to Cynthia Sax’s books; I have told her it is driving me insane waiting for the next installment of Bee’s life. I am hoping I share this with those reading this blog J.
            Book Two picks up right where one stops (stop rolling your eyes I know this was a duh moment, lol. I am going to say as much as I can without giving anything away (not easy BTW), and still get you all to read it. Belinda “Bee”, has started to worry she may not be the good girl she has always tried so hard to be. She secret admirer has been sending texts asking her to do the most daring things and to her excitement she has done then. Getting her fabulous rewards doesn’t help curb these desires and she thinks she knows who the texter is. Bee is pretty sure is has to be either her sexy Billionaire Nicolas or the extremely hot ex-military Biker Hawke. As the texts and rewards keep coming she is also being draw to both men…  
                                 Sinful Rewards 3 by Cynthia Sax
Book three lets us find out if Belinda gets the full time job she has worked so hard for.
More secrets are revealed and more are hidden, Cynthia truly knows how to keep her readers hooked.  As I said above book # 3 was delivered to my Kindle at midnight and I had to read it all, I finished at 4:11am even though I had to be up not three hours later to drop my daughter off at school. Sleep is over rated when a great book is involved! Belinda is even more draw to both men and holding up her end of the promise to her best friend Cyndi they go out! Bee is tired of being good and so she decides to let her hair down, dress sexy and head out into the night. Her only question is who should be the recipient of her new persona, Nicolas or Hawke? Oh I was riveted and couldn’t stop reading and I know you will too!! Unfortunately, if I keep writing I might give away something I shouldn’t, so I will leave you with this. BUY THE BOOKS ;-)!!

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