Book Box

Authors: donate, sell books and swag for the book box.

Book Box:

What is a Defying Tradition Book Box and why would I want to get one every month?

Defying Tradition boxes are geared toward what you as a reader like. You are the boss, you tell me what kind of books you like and which ones you hate. My goal is to introduce you to new authors and show you how big the Romance world truly is! Every genre/ sub-genre I can get my hands on will be offered, every box will have fun swag too. There are different plans to fit your budget and preference. Take a look and feel free to share your suggestions:

Digital Book Box:

Contain one digital book code and swag.

Contains two digital book codes, swag and a gift.

Contains three digital book codes, swag and 2 gifts.

Paper Back Book Boxes:

Contain one book and swag

Contains two books, swag and gift

Contains three Books, more swag and two gifts

Build your own Box:

This is where you get to custom your box. You tell me what you want:


One paper back, one digital, swag and a gift

Two paperbacks, one digital, swag and gift

**Prices will be uploaded soon, please fill out the form below to get updates.  My goal is to keep the prices low so you can truly enjoy the books you receive without breaking the bank. **


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                                           Choose A Plan That Works For You:

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