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Spot Editing

You have finished writing the book and editing it too, you think its ready to send out into the world. Wait! You have looked at that book so many times that the little errors have been over looked . That’s what I am here for, I will give your book one last look through to see and fix any of those hidden errors that drive readers crazy.  Trust me, I see it all the time and my brain picks up on them and I have been helping authors for years.  Click the “Interested” link below and we can talk about what you need further.

Pricing (dependent on time frame and book length) 

  • 15.00hr (starting rate for a 2-3week time frame)


Second Looks

It may be your second or twentieth book but you haven’t read the ones before it in so long you can’t remember if so and so had a brother or was an only child. You are wondering if that side character said something important about their past that you need for the book you created for them. You are on a deadline and can’t re-read the book/books you need to. I can help! Let me do the research you need done, so you can continue to let inspiration fly. I will read the book/books and make notes of anything that sounds important or that you need to know. Click the “Interested” link below and we can talk about what you need further.

Pricing (Dependent on how many book you need read/length)

  • 15.00hr



Live Chats

Want to make a connection with your readers? Answer questions and share news about your new book? Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your readers. Leading up to your scheduled date I will Gather people to attend, Get advance questions for you to answer during the chat, Schedule the event, Share the great news.


  • Flat rate of $15.00


Cover Reveal Videos

Want to reveal your new cover with pizzazz? How about give some love to a re-release or on sale title? The featured book, movie length, and design are up to you. Leave the rest to me and I will create a beautiful video.


  • $15.00 per hour


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Book Banners

Spice up your facebook page, share a whole series in one shot, declare loud and proud that you have a new book. Banners are a great addition to your tours, Facebook Page, other social media profiles.


  • $20.00 per banner