These are the first books I have read from the New Adult section on Avon Romance and I have to say once I got past the age of the characters I was able to get sucked into their lives. Sophie really brings the lives of Pepper, Emerson, and Georgia to life, you feel like you are a part of their group.  I am going to give a run down in reading order so you can all know what to look forward to in these great books… 
            Pepper is that quiet girl that is easily overlooked. She has little confidence and has no idea what she truly wants with one exception: Hunter. Hunter is her best friend’s brother and growing up around his and his happy family makes her want to be a part of it too. With her friends on board and Hunter newly single they devise a plan to make Pepper noticeable. Her college roommates hear rumors of a Hot Bartender that can show a girl a good time. This is who they choose to teach Pepper how to entice and know the true meaning of Foreplay.
            After meeting Reese they are all blown away at how truly gorgeous he is. Peppers is shocked when Reese agrees to help her out with lesions but doesn’t count on the connection they have messing with her plans. When the lesions pay off and Hunter does ask her out, Pepper has some more missions to make. This image of the perfect family is within her grasp but her head and her heart are at war… Find out who she ends up with in the end.
            Emerson has a reputation that she has worked hard to perfect. She parties on the weekends, never leaving the bar without a hookup. She never has to buy her own drinks and can spot the “right” guy a mile away. She stays away from anyone she can’t control and that might make her feel something the next morning. She breaks the rules unless they are her own. Only problem with her plan: Shaw.
Shaw sees Emerson and knows she is trouble even before she starts a bar fight that he has to save her from. After being ditched at a rowdy biker bar, Emerson is forced to accept the Hot bad boy bikers help to get home. She is determined to keep Shaw away from her even when he suddenly shows up everywhere she is. Her friends can see there is something between Emerson and Shaw, but she refuses to let him in. Then the past and secrets she has kept hidden come back to haunt her. Life might end for Emerson before she even gets a real chance to live it… To find out what secrets she is hiding and if Emerson can let them go and trust her heart you will need to buy the second book in this great series.      
            Ah the book I could relate to more so then the other two. Granted I totally understood the invisible thing Pepper felt in Foreplay but Georgia was so much like me. Georgia is a good southern bell who was taught how to always be the proper lady, daughter, and girlfriend. She was in a relationship with the same guy from age sixteen until twenty. She thought she had been happy, she had good friends and went to a college she loved. Then her longtime boyfriend dumps her for being too boring! Georgia starts to see how she has been controlled and judged by everyone around her and decides to do something about it. She gets an invite to the invite-only Kink Club on campus and is shocked at what she finds. People keep telling her to go home, this pace isn’t right for her… this was the reason she had gone, she wanted to prove she wasn’t always good and predictable. She could be bad and do something a little wild too.
            Logan is Hot, sexually experience beyond his years, and can show her all she has been missing. This problem is he is younger than her and her friend’s little brother, in other words- off limits. Georgia doesn’t want to be another notch on his head board or a story he tells so this forces her to stay clear of him. This doesn’t work out when he has made it clear he wants her and there is nothing she can do to kill the flames that ignite when she thinks or sees him, let alone if he gets close enough to touch her. Getting into way more trouble than planed Georgia’s family give her an ultimatum that will change her entire world… Available Nov. 18th and the last book in this series, so go pre-order now!
**Disclaimer** I received and ARC copy to review of this book from Avon Romance…
                                         **************** SPOILER***************
There is an Anthology to this series in Fifty First Times, I would recommend you read after Foreplay. This is a story of one of the secondary/main characters in the first book, I won’t say who unless asked but you can find out for yourselves too by buying and reading it. I hope you have enjoyed this spotlight and feel free to ask me questions. If anyone has any for Sophie and would like to have her answer them here I can try to make that happen just let me know…

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