They used to be enemies…

Gracie McAllister has never been the relationship type…until now. After a brutal visit from her happily married parents, Gracie is looking for Mr. Right…not Mr. Right Now. And despite their recent truce, there is no way sexy Eric Henderson is anything but.

Now they’re allies…

Eric has always had a thing for Gracie, but they could never manage to get on the same page long enough to explore the heat between them. When Eric gets the opportunity of a lifetime, he asks Gracie for help…and swears her to secrecy.

But is that all?

Now the whole town thinks their romance is real, but it’s just a business arrangement. There’s no way they’re actually falling in love…right?

                                                           MY REVIEW:

           Gracie McAllister has been one of my favorite people in the town of Rock Canyon since I started reading the books. Her reputation is that she is a love them and leave them kind of women. The town gossip rag has not helped one little bit, it seems she is a favorite to report on. Gracie in true form is fiercely loyal to her friends, no one better mess with them. If anyone dares to cause trouble, Gracie no amount of torture is off the table. It’s hard though because she has so many great qualities that people on the outside can’t seem to see, including her parents. When they decide to visit the last thing she wants to be is single. She had a guy that her parents would have loved, the problem was she couldn’t stay awake around him. So when Gracie decides to find a replacement just for her parents visit she looks all round town.
           In all the other books in this series we get to see the tension between Gracie and Eric Henderson. Eric clearly has a thing for Gracie and isn’t afraid to let her see it, but Gracie won’t let anything happen. From book one to now I have looked forward to any scenes with these two in them because they are so fun! Gracie and Eric have a banter that is beyond reasonable. The fight about the smallest, dumbest things, Eric could tell her she looks nice and Gracie will find a way to fight. I laughed a ton in this book. Now don’t move your tissue box far, because there is a new element to Gracie’s life that will just break your heart, both in a good way and bad. This new element scares one guy off, aren’t you curious if it will do the same to Eric? Eric on the other hand has a huge secret that he only shares with Gracie when they decide to ‘pretend’ to be dating. Gracie might be pretending but Eric wants to show Gracie he is all in. Until that is all the cards from both of their lives are throne on the table. Can these two stop fighting long enough to see where the passion really comes from? You will have to read to find out!
He glanced across the street and noticed Gracie and Mike walking almost parallel to them. The two of them were best friends, so it was no surprised to see them together. He was a little surprised to see Gracie pushing a stroller though. He’d thought her keeping Pip was only temporary.
He was about to call out to them when Mike leaned over.
And kissed Gracie in a very un-friend-like way.
Eric stopped in his tracks, completely floored and unable to comprehend what he was seeing. Gracie and Mike. Mike and Gracie.
With his stomach churning, he ground his teeth, fighting the jealousy that was burning up his esophagus.
They pulled apart, and he wished he could hear what they were saying. Gracie hit Mike playfully and appeared to be teasing him.
Before he knew it, Eric had stepped off the curb and was crossing to road, headed over to them.
Only he’d forgotten to wear his snow boots, and when his sneakers hit the patch of ice between the crunchy snow, his feet flew out from under him. As he landed flat on his back with the wind knocked out of him, he heard the honk of a horn.
When he turned to find headlights barreling right for him, he tried to move but couldn’t.
Please, I don’t want to die with the vision of Gracie and Mike sucking face as my last moment on earth.

An obsessive bookworm, Codi Gary likes to write sexy contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows, and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family.



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