As Rhona Lorimer waits for her new boss to arrive, she reckons things can’t get much worse. The manager of the Scottish estate has to explain to her new American boss that the estate is in ruins and there’s no money left. When the drop dead gorgeous cowboy turns up in full Highland regalia, looking like he fell off a shortbread tin, Rhona knows she has her work cut out. 

The locals don’t take to Lord Cole Macallan, so Rhona feels obliged to show him hospitality. But the guy is hot. Can Rhona fight her feelings for her new boss as their worlds collide and they discover just how much Scotland and America are two countries divided by a common language… but brought together by mutual passions? 
We walked out of the castle, Cole carefully ducking his head, and moved around to the side. The sun was weak but there was the promise of warmth and as we crunched over the gravel, I lowered my head and smiled. I had expected him to be a little forlorn that his castle would not become like something out of Braveheart or the Tudors but Cole was excited.
“Do you think we would need one of those balconies?”
We turned onto the grass, which was a little damp, being in the shadow of the ancient building. He automatically reached for my arm though I was sure-footed and steady. He moved his fingers down to my hand and clasped it.
Ever so slowly I allowed my fingers to curl as I held my breath, waiting to see if he would realise his mistake. But he didn’t. He stared ahead and continued to walk down to the back of the castle where he brought me back out into the beautiful sunshine. Wind whipped my hair into my face and with my free hand I swiped it behind my head.
“It’s just as purdy down here as it was from the top floor of the castle,” he said—his slow drawl dancing over the word ‘purdy’ and playing havoc with my girly bits. “Almost as purdy as you.” It was then I realised we were standing almost with our backs to the castle wall. He moved in front of me and cupped my chin with his free hand, still holding onto my hand with the other. Had I even breathed since he had clasped my hand? I must have. I would surely have expired by now if I hadn’t. I gazed up into his eyes, the colour of melted chocolate, and bit my lip.
As his head lowered to mine, I let the lip go and breathed out, my free hand moving to rest on his impressive biceps. And then his lips were on mine, soft and gentle, coaxing and urging mine to move in tandem with his. I was relieved he wasn’t one of those guys that come at you with their tongue hanging out as if you were an ice-cream cone.
Instead he was what I like to call a lip-kisser. He used his lips first before he introduced his tongue—flicking it lazily out to meet mine, to tease, to tempt, to illicit groans, to tickle the roof of my mouth and send pulses of need south. I moaned softly and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.

****Please remember this is just my opinion, I always encourage my followers to make up their own minds up on books****
This short book was given to me as an ARC to read and an honest review; it has only nine chapters and an Epilogue. I knew going into this book the relationship between the main characters would have to develop quickly because of the length of the story. What I was not counting on is the lack of character depth. Cole starts out saying he will not sleep with an employee, aka Rhona. Rhona is worried she will lose her job once Cole finds out the estate he has inherited in Scotland has no money, a rundown castle and main house. She has a sense of right and wrong and shows this repeatedly in the story. I was disappointed in how quickly both let go of their moral stands and fell into having sex. One page Rhona says how she thinks their connection is moving too fast and she want to take it slow, turn the page and they are having sex. I know many people might like this in a book, the “I want you so bad screw the normal” but I can’t say I am one of them. At the end of the book, I knew more emotional stuff about Rhona than Cole and yet still didn’t really ‘know’ them.
                As is my style though I try to find good and bad in a book so here is the good: There is the famous happily ever after and I am glad for that. Cole seemed to really like Rhona and the chemistry between them was instantaneous. There are some funny parts and emotional revelations. I wish I could say more but this is supposed to be a true review and I can’t lie. I wouldn’t read this one again but I won’t write off the Author either. Everyone has an off book and I would love a chance to read something else by Em to compare it too. Thanks all for reading if you disagree then I am glad, I hate writing bad reviews but remember it is just my opinion.


Em lives in the small village of Dundonald (which features in An American Cowboy in Scotland) in Ayrshire, Scotland. She regularly visits Dundonald Castle for coffee, cakes, inspiration and chat. When she’s not writing historical, contemporary and vampire romances, she’s trotting around the country to film and TV conventions, hob-nobbing with celebrities and avoiding housework.
Em is still waiting for her own Colonel Brandon to come along but since she’s sick of kissing frogs, she’s quite content to hog the TV remote and have the whole sofa to herself.

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