BLURB – What’s Left of Us

The heartwarming conclusion to What’s Left of Me.

Love found me three years ago.

I’m cancer free, happily married to the love of my life, and working toward my dream career.

Our life is complete. Perfect, really.

Or is it?

I’ve always wanted a family of my own, but never dreamed I could have one. Now Parker’s ready to make my dream our reality.

But sometimes our dreams are haunted by our deepest fears. Fears of failure, having a child, and in our case … death. How do I help the person I love get over his fear when I’m still trying to overcome that same fear myself?

Together we must learn What’s Left of Us.
My Review: 

What’s Left of Us by Amanda Maxlyn

            Fun, life, and some tears… Amanda does it again, in the conclusion of Aundrea and Parker’s story we get an emotional roller-coaster of events. Amanda shows us that real life is beautiful, hard, and worth all the pain because the joy outweighs the heartache. Follow this great story from start to finish; you will learn what is in store for the Jackson couple!

            Three years have passed and there are a lot of changes, Aundrea and Parker are married and very happy. Their love and trust in each other has grown stronger too. Aundrea is graduating and ready for the next steps in her life, but is she ready for one she never thought possible? Children…. Parker wants a baby and it has always been something Aundrea wanted but never dared dream she could have. Old fears start to arise and cause nightmares to return for Parker, can they overcome their fears to make their dreams a reality? Order your copy today to find out! 

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About the Author:

I am the mother of two little boys, married to the love of my life, and living in one of the smallest towns in Minnesota. When I’m not chasing or cleaning up after my boys (yes, all three), I can be found writing or snuggled up with my kindle, a glass of wine, and spending time with my fictional friends and family.
I am first and foremost an avid reader! I love to read anything romance from paranormal, young/new adult, contemporary, and even yes, (wide eyes) erotic/BDSM.

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