“Rachel Lacey is a sure-fire star.” — Lori Wilde, New York Times bestselling author
Emma Rush can’t remember a time when she didn’t have a thing for Ryan Blake. Haven’s resident bad boy is just so freakin’ hot-with tattoos, a motorcycle, and enough rough-around-the-edges sexiness to melt all her self-control. Now that Emma’s over being a “good girl,” she needs a little help being naughty . . . and she knows just where to start.
Before Emma’s brother enlisted in the military, he made Ryan promise that he would protect her from everything–including himself. When her brother doesn’t come home, Ryan needs to turn his screwed-up life around to honor his pledge. But he knows he’s still not the right kind of guy for someone as sweet as Emma. Only he can’t stop wanting to be with her. Wanting her. Falling in love with a good girl may be the craziest risk this bad boy can take . . .

This is officially book two in the Risk it All series but because of a novella that hooks you in, I consider it story number three. Rachel did another spectacular job at building dynamic characters that make you feel as though they are family. Watching both Emma and Ryan grow in this book made me very proud. They have been best friends since they were pretty young, Ryan was a friend of Emma’s brother. When Emma’s brother went to war he promised to keep Emma safe and to not hook up with her. They managed to keep their relationship platonic for a long time. However when Ryan comes home to work with his buddies he realizes the best friend he left behind has grown into a beautiful woman. Men, so clueless! 
I liked Emma and Ryan they are such good friends and have a real closeness neither want to lose. I thought Rachel did a great job bringing the friendship these two have to the forefront. They knew so much about each other and Ryan has been traveling all over, even though they don’t say it outright it makes you think they kept in touch letters, email, etc. It is funny that Emma wants Ryan to help her be bad when all Ryan keeps trying to do is be good. The two complement each other well though, through in a fun family/friend group and you can’t go wrong. 
Crazy For You can be read as a standalone but I do recommend you read all the books to become immersed in Haven, NC. So don’t wait any longer, grab this series NOW. Find that reading spot and start enjoying Rachel Lacy’s Risk it All series. Who knows you might get some ideas for your bucket list, I know I did! 
**I received an ARC from Netgally for my honest review**
If you like bad boys with tattoos and motorcycles, good girls who are tired of being good and want a little bad in their lives then this is the book for you. It grabbed me within the first few pages and was funny, daring, and captivating throughout the whole book. I loved every second of it. 
Ryan and Emma are perfect together even if he has no idea she has always been in love with him. The obstacles keep coming in this sweet and daring romance. Will love conquer all? Find out in the second book.
Whoa. Emma closed her eyes and let out a shriek as Ryan guided the motorcycle onto Main Street and picked up speed. The cold wind whipped her face, taking her breath away. Beneath her, the engine rumbled and roared like a wild thing. Holy sh*t. She was on the back of Ryan Blake’s bike, and it was amazing. 
The wind bit through her thin, knit gloves, hitting her fingers with an icy blast. Actually, every part of her was freezing, but she didn’t care. She wrapped her arms more firmly around Ryan’s waist, anchoring herself to him so she didn’t tumble off the back of the bike, and somehow her hands slipped beneath his jacket. Ahh. That was better. Toasty warm, and also…her hands were on his T-shirt. Even through her gloves, she felt the hard contour of his abs, and nope, she wasn’t cold now. 
And this was absolutely freaking amazing. 
She hung on tight as he guided them over Haven’s twisting mountain roads, deserted at this hour. Overhead the moon shone like a beacon, illuminating the night in its soft, silvery glow. The roar of the engine and the slap of the wind against her face shocked her senses. It was thrilling, invigorating, so completely different from riding inside a car. 
She’d never have done this if Mandy hadn’t dared her, and now she felt like her eyes were open for the first time in years. This was what she needed. Somewhere along the way, as she sat at the bar talking to Ryan, she’d realized she was having fun, really having fun. And she wanted more. She wanted it all, every last wild and crazy fantasy. 
All too soon, her building came into view. Ryan cut the engine and guided them quietly into the driveway, coming to a stop behind her silver Toyota RAV4. He turned his head to look at her, so sexy in his helmet and riding glasses. “So how was it?” 
“Even better than I thought it would be.” She gulped for air. His lips were way too close to hers, and she was still a little bit drunk on beer and a whole lot drunk on her first motorcycle ride. Mandy’s words echoed in her ears. Bonus points if you kiss him. Just stand up a bit, lean over his shoulder, and… 
Emma leaned forward, her chest sliding up his back as she tipped her face to his. Holy hell, she had completely lost her mind, but she was going for it. Every nerve in her body went haywire. 
Clunk. Her helmet smacked into his, drawing her up an inch short of his lips.
Author Info 
Rachel Lacey is a contemporary romance author and semi-reformed travel junkie. She’s been climbed by a monkey on a mountain in Japan, gone scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and camped out overnight in New York City for a chance to be an extra in a movie. These days, the majority of her adventures take place on the pages of the books she writes. She lives in warm and sunny North Carolina with her husband, son, and a variety of rescue pets. 
1-What did you enjoy most about writing this book? 
I loved writing all the fun, adventurous things Ryan and Emma did together in CRAZY FOR YOU – rock climbing, cliff jumping, motorcycle rides, etc. They were so much fun to write, and it was the perfect balance to some of the heavier themes in the book. These two characters really bring out the best in each other, constantly pushing each other out of their comfort zones. 
2-If you had a theme song, what would it be? 
Dream On by Aerosmith – “Dream until your dreams come true!” 
3-Name one thing you won’t leave home without. 
Chapstick! I have a weird obsession with it. 
4-A la Twitter style, please describe your book in 140 characters or less. 
Contemporary Romance Author. Wife. Mother. Animal Lover & Rescue Advocate. Hufflepuff. Powered by wine, chocolate, and books! 
5-If you could have dinner with any three authors (alive or dead), who would you choose and why? 
First, JK Rowling because she is a literary genius and a fierce feminist, and I’d love to chat with her about anything and everything. Next, Mary Higgins Clark because she was my very first “favorite author,” and I’d love to thank her for that. And of course Nora Roberts because she is my hero and gives great advice. All three of these ladies have inspired me so much, and I would love to just soak up all the knowledge they could impart. 
6-What are your favorite types of stories to read? 
My favorite books make me laugh *and* cry. I want ALL THE FEELS while I’m reading!


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