Sara has done it again, her first book in the Independents Falls series was a combination of ‘can’t touch’ and ‘stay ways’. She showed us she could write about forbidden love and how with the right person we can accomplish just about anything. Well she is back again with book two: Caught In The Act. This story is about two people who had their shot and blew it, big time!
Katie has a few things that keep her from being able to find true love: she has three overprotective brothers, lives in a small town, her dates keep hanging with her brothers more than her, and at seventeen she gave her heart away only to have it stomped on. We first meet Katie in Full Exposure and you can see there is a history between her and Georgia’s brother Liam. You see Katie’s brother’s dislike of him and really any guy Katie dates. Liam however feels he deserves their hatred.
Liam was drawn to Katie all those years ago and has kept his distance after what he did to her. He hated himself for hurting her and for how things ended between them, but now he might have a way to make it up to her and her brothers. His best friend Eric, owner of More Timber, has given him the assignment to buy Summers Family Trucking. The family business is having major financial issues and he is hoping to swoop in and help. He didn’t count of the anger this offer would bring out in Katie, she is not about to let her enemy take over her family’s business.
Feeling cornered and outnumbered Katie devices a plan to keep what has been in her family for generations. Her brothers want to sell, but not if they hear the rumors that she and Liam are sneaking around again. The trick is keeping her heart out of the seduction… Liam is thrilled for a second chance and will do anything even if it means losing everything he has worked his whole life for. Sometimes Love is a risk worth fighting for, even if the cost turns out to be the one person you can’t live without.
Sara Jane Stone has a way of writing this book that surprises the reader, events and ideas are so creative that you can picture the scene unfolding. Liam and Katie have a messy past and a complicated present. As you read you see how stubborn they both are and wonder how on earth this will all turn out. You will love her new book and keep your eyes open for book three Hero By Night coming out in January 2015. Happy reading and remember to keep dreaming!

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