T. J. Kline

While some people spend their entire lives trying to find their dreams, T.J. Kline discovered early her passion for telling stories. She wrote her first “book” at the age of 10 (a children’s story about a kangaroo and a clown) and never looked back. After years of finding herself in various jobs, and raising a family, T.J. found herself living her dream writing about hope, love and happy endings.

When she doesn’t have her head in the clouds coming up with new plot twist, or losing arguments in her head with her characters who seem to have minds of their own, she can be found trekking the Gold Country of California with her husband. Together, they enjoy fishing, camping and finding new locations to scout out for story ideas. She also spends her time with her menagerie of spoiled animals including three royal dogs, three cats who rule the house and three horses who demand pampering. Add in three nearly grown children and you’ve got a busy household for this writer who thrives in the chaos.

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