About Book:
Gravity is not your normal, sweet romance of childhood friends to lovers. Spanning over twenty years—it’s raw, it’s real, asking the question if soul mates really exist.


At eight years old, the boy next door changed my life. He was the force pulling me toward him despite our differences. It was like magic.

We understood each other, supported each other and in the process became everything to each other.

But in chasing Trevin’s dream, I lost myself along the way.


Through tremendous heartache, she was there. Through fame and fortune, she was there. Loving Lily was the one thing I got right.

Eclipsing her in my shadow, I took from her until she was empty. Now I must do anything to prove I can be the man she wants, no, the man she deserves.
My Review:

As I sit here listening to the soundtrack to the book Gravity by Lauren Runow I am filled again with the emotions I just finished living in this story. I don’t even know how to begin to share this book with you all. If you follow my blog and reviews you will see I don’t claim the title “best book” because I always thought it was not possible to do that. Until now that is. I am going to say it, Gravity by Lauren Runow is by far the best childhood, soulmates book I have ever read thus far!
Lily and Trevin start out in each others lives at the young age of eight and even through all the ups and downs of their lives they don’t abandon on another. Reading this book I wondered many times how it would end, how on earth could they possibly make it work. Lauren has weaved a story and characters that make you feel just as connected to them as they are to each other. You feel their triumphs and failures, you want to yell when they do something stupid that you know will mess everything up. You get mad at the town around the children for things and many times I wished I could jump into the book to help Lily or Trevin. This book is achingly real, makes you ask questions, is beyond raw, honest, heartwarming, touching, it has everything I look for and more in a book. I still don’t think I have done this book justice but I will say you need to read it! Go buy it right now and be prepared to not get any sleep, you will not be able to put it down! Even when I was forced to, at 4am, I was still thinking about it and had to finish it first thing in the morning. There was no option to not know what happened to them. I am still reeling and will be telling everyone I know to read this book! What are you waiting for… GO BUY IT! 


Can be found at the end of the book. Lauren loves music and shares what songs inspired the writing of this amazing story!

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