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Author: Kimberly Daniels

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Lost Until You:

Camryn Singer never imagined that she would return to the place
where she lost everything.
To grant a dying wish, she and her young son make the move back to the
small Jersey beach town
where she grew up, hoping to somehow find the missing
pieces of her life.
Determined to keep her heart guarded, the last thing she needs is the
force that is sexy surfer,
Cole Stevens, literally slamming into her life.

Struggling against growing feelings for Cole, Camryn tries to
focus on life with her son.
But when Cole picks the lock to her heart, Camryn knows he might be
the one to change everything.
Just when Camryn thinks she’s finally finding her happiness, a ghost
from the past comes back to
haunt her.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I start to graze my hands over his arms, tracing his tattoo
of a rose within a cracked heart
with my fingers. My need for him is screaming over
my rational side,
which tells me to slow it down. But I want every part of his body
over and over again,
and if I don’t get it, I might just explode. I have to let Cole know
there is nothing more
I crave right now than our bodies intertwined together as we
discover what can make us moan
and the places that will cause us to scream.

“Did I ever tell you how sexy you are, Mr. Stevens?”
I whisper into Cole’s ear.

Either  Cole is stunned by my forwardness or planning a
way to get me on my back like
he promised before, his stroking hands freeze on my waist.
His comforting gaze transforms into
a hunger that needs to be fed. I watch as a seductive smirk
appears on his face. In a husky voice,
he warns, “I think I already told you what I’d do to you
if you called me that again?”

“Hmm… I think I might remember that. Maybe I’m
just waiting for you to follow through.”
I hold his gaze and plant a soft kiss on his lips.

He tilts his head and cocks his eyebrow, suggesting that he
is going to take my challenge.
Sweeping my legs out from under me, Cole floats me over to
the oversized lounge chair and
gently places me down on my back. He slowly crawls up and kisses
each part of me until he reaches
my lips.

While he teases every inch of my body,  my hands are weaving
through his hair, feeling the
short silky strands beneath my fingers. Every time his lips touch my
skin, I tug at his hair and a moan
would rise in his throat.

I pull his mouth to mine and savor the taste of him. My hands leave
his hair and run down the
lines of his carved chest, tracing around his nipples. Feeling the
hairs rise from his skin, I travel
further south over the ridges of his stomach muscles and then
slowly slide my hands under the
waistband of his shorts. I let them teeter there and tease him to arousal.

“God, Cam, you’re gonna kill me.” He runs his tongue down
my neck and over the exposed
part of my stomach, cupping his hand over my core. He murmurs
in between contact. “I. Need. This.
Right. Now.”

With a sigh, I beg, “Please, Cole … take it … take me.”

About the Author:

Kimberly Daniels is a middle school English Teacher who took the
advice of her students to pursue
her writing hobby as a career. When she’s not at her laptop
dreaming up new happily-ever-afters,
she can be found glued to the TV or Kindle consumed with
a new show or book addiction.
She lives with her husband and two daughters in in the suburbs
of Philadelphia, spending weekends
at basketball games, softball fields, and dance recitals.

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