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          This series has been on my TBR list for a long time and it all started because of a book party I went to. Roxanne Snopek was a new author for me and posted a teaser for Cinderella’s Cowboy, I was hooked. The only problem was it was book four in the series! I am one of those people that has to start a series from book one. Well in that party I actually won book one and bought book four. All I needed was the book money to get the other two. My luck was with me though and a few weeks later I won book two at yet another party. You would have thought I would start it right then and there but alas I was contracted by my word for a ton of book reviews and blog tours. I knew once I started reading this series I wouldn’t be able to stop until I was done. So finally on October 14thI started reading Finding Home and finished book four at 3:30 am this morning (October 17th). I will brake them down for you now:

                                                Finding Home (Book One)

          This book had me hooked for the moment I found out Samara was a single mom. There are not a lot of single mom books out there and being one myself, I like reading them. Samara has lost her husband, has a child that learns different than others and is starting a new life in the only place she has ever felt like home. Finding a great deal on a house and wanting to get settled with her daughter sounded perfect. Life had been really hard on her and she was hoping this new start would make this better. Traveling to Montana by car was not easy but once there she was excited to see the house she had bought. It was a project house, a historic house being fixed up by students from the surrounding schools for graduation credits. Being a teacher Samar loved the idea. That is until she walks in and sees that her house is no were near ready to be moved in, the realtor is ducking her, and the person in charge is the one man she has never been able to forget.

          Logan Stafford can’t believe his ears or eyes when the one women he had been looking for years is standing in front of him. Let alone that he is working on her house. He views this as a second chance one that nothing is going to stop him from grabbing. He loves kids and animals so the fact that Samara has a daughter and a service dog are not a problem. He wants to prove to her she can trust him, that he won’t let her down as so many others have in her life. The problem is Samara is fighting what she feels, and fighting him.

          This book shows that is never too late to find your way back home. A lot of single moms think love is something we have to wait for our children to grow up before we have again. I don’t believe this at all, that’s why books like this make me so happy. I am not giving anything away, we read romance for the HEA and this is no exception. Be ready for love, laughter, and passion when these two come together!

                                      A Sweet Montana Christmas (Book Two)

          Book two was better than I expected and a new kind of romance for me. Malinda and Austin have been married for ten years and things ae not going well. Austin has been working for years to build a life for his wife and she has been working as a nurse as well. They have been working so hard for their perfect life they hardly ever see one another. Then disaster hits, Austin’s company goes bust and his only option is to live on the family honey farm in Montana. He just assumes Malinda will join him so is devastated when she heads for her mother’s house instead. She doesn’t feel her husband’s love and they had stopped communicating long before the business went belly up. Malinda’s mother convinces her to try one more time. Therefore, she packs up all her stuff and heads to join her husband not realizing that the family farm is in need of major repair.

          Austin loves his wife and its killing him to not have her but when she shows up on his doorstep he is just confused. She had asked for some time, she had wanted a separation, yet there she was. His heart was souring and he was glad she was there but he needed to know why and for how long? Everything in him wanted to prove to her he was a changed man, that he would try harder for her. What starts out as a temporary move starts to feel more like home. The husband and wife are closer then before but there is still so many obstacles to over come. One big one being that the house isn’t their but still belongs to Austin’s father. Another is that Malinda wants to go back to civilization. Austin will do what he has to, to keep Malinda, because in the end she is the only ‘home’ he needs.

          What a wonderful book showing that we don’t have to scrap a marriage as long as there is love and respect and two people willing to work for what is important. This is the kind of marriage most of us look for and one reason I loved this book. So often we get to see the two characters come together but are left wondering if they lasted. In this series we get to see this in book three and four. Roxanne gave me what I love in a series, to learn more about the people we take into our hearts.   


                                       The Cowboy Next Door (Book Three)

          In the second book we meet Leda a pregnant young women that is determined to do right by her baby. She is full of fire and spunk and grabs out hearts. In this book we get to know more about her and her past, find out how her child is growing too. She is living with Malinda and Austin and helping out with the farm. She loves it a feels at home, even begins to feel good about were her life is headed. That is until she goes next door and meets Eric Anders.

          Eric is older than Leda and feels he is wiser too. He tries to take control out of her hands. He thinks he knows what she needs and how to give it to her. You know the type, prideful, controlling, doesn’t listen, lol. This is Eric, or at least part of his character. Eric tries to ignore the longing and desire he feels for Leda because of their age difference as does Leda. Sometime though we have to look at the person not the age or their faults.

          The Cowboy Next Door shows that we all have flaws and we all have things we wish we could fix about ourselves. We have people in our lives that have told us lies about who they think we are. Leda was told she was ordinary and would never be anything important to anyone. So she believed it, she wanted more for her daughter though. Eric had a rough childhood and grew up wanting to ‘fix’ other people’s lives so they would live better. He meant well but went about it wrong with Leda. This book demonstrates that if we can learn to accept people for who they are and look for the good not the bad, Love can sine through a lot brighter.


                                Cinderella’s Cowboy (Book Four)

          The final book in the series was truly full of lessons, love, banter, and fixing stereotypes. Cynthia is a hard working woman that tries to do the right thing. She has started a new company that is her passion. Unfortunately, her stepsisters have come along for the ride. She loved them and they loved her, they got along for the most part. They did call her Cinderella but that was because she worked all the time and they played. As a teenager, she had a crush on Eric Anders, big time rodeo champion until he got hurt and had to quit. There was also an event she wished she could forget the cured her of her teenage crush. Now his brother, playboy cowboy was asking for her help.

          Chad Anders liked being footloose and fancy free when it came to women and they all knew it. He didn’t want to make the mistakes he saw growing up, people falling in love then being left behind. He wanted things easy and to live his live on his terms. Nothing and no one had ever made him doubt this until he meat Cynthia. She was intriguing to him, she didn’t faun all over him or seem the least bit interested. To her he was ‘Eric Anders brother’. After only a few moments with her he decides to change her mind. Then there were her stepsisters, Chad had been dreaming of them since high school. Who didn’t though, twin bombshells with reputations for liking to have fun. He figured he was due some and he could get some of his curiosity fed as well. Everything he is normally attracted to in a women is at his fingertips, but he can’t stop thinking about Cynthia. He wants to be with her, be near her, and talk only to her. He even wished the sisters would go away so he wouldn’t have to be pawed at by then, what is up with that? Cynthia turns his life upside down and she really has no clue she is doing anything.

 The two opposites are drawn together against their protests and neither want to admit they want each other. I like books like this because the banter between the two is perfectly matched. They fight, argue, and under it all they find love. Defiantly read all four of these books because they are fantastic. **This can be read as a standalone though**


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