KC Kline has a talent with words and tension build up I loved in this book.  DJ fell for her brother’s best friend when she was fifteen only to be heartbroken when she learned he was not who she wanted him to be. Brent had dreams of stardom, being more than his family and small town thought he was capable of. He made it all come true, but at the expense of losing parts of himself, he didn’t know he wanted or needed.  When writers block and a risk of losing his “rock star” career turns serious he heads home. Derrek, Brent’s best friend and DJ’s brother lets him use the bunkhouse of their ranch for as long as he needs. Brent thinks he is getting a free vacation on the peaceful ranch, until Derrek asks him to help get DJ out of the house more. Derrek is worried DJ will get to old and loose her fun side because of responsibility. What the big brother doesn’t realize is that the pair have a spark that never went out all those years ago. Brent can’t resist baiting DJ unlit she lets him kiss her. DJ tries to stay strong but Brent is just to much a part of her past and if he could grow up, maybe her future?

                I loved this book because the pair don’t fall into bed right away, they even make you wonder if it will lead there at all. The chemistry is there, the passion, but not the trust or the faith that Brent won’t leave. DJ is a woman who fears being left behind and Brent thinks he is only good enough for one night stands and “fun”. To read this book was to watch two people realize that no matter what you have accomplished in life if you can’t see yourself for who you really are, then you could miss out on something pretty amazing…  I truly hope KC writes more about Somewhere, TX because I can’t wait to learn about the rest of this wonderful towns people…

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