I know what you’re thinking, what! How could someone do that? This was one of many that went through my head on the Friday before Christmas. I am a single mom raising my two girls on the small amount of money I get from odd jobs, grants and loans from school. I am not rich, we have what we need and any extras I have worked hard to buy. So here is what happened:

I am getting ready to move from Florida to Oregon in another week, on Friday I was packing up more of my stuff to be put into a storage unit. I went to drop some of it off and then headed to pick up my oldest daughter from 1st grade. With my youngest (5) in the car we waited in the line of cars and once I had my daughter headed straight home. My dog (pin pin) was going crazy in her crate and when I let her out I saw the damage someone had done. My house was a mess, TVs, radio, iPhone, mostly electronics, and one thing worth the most (sentimentally) my laptop with all my writing and baby pictures and videos on it all stolen. They came in my back fence (cutting it) and used the back door. Once they had what they came for they sped off and were gone before I got home. I called the police and they tried to get print but no luck, there was a footprint and some other evidence that was collected. I only had a few Serial Numbers so the stuff is hard to track. Why am I sharing all this you may ask? It is a cautionary tale to anyone out there. Make sure you backup everything! It wasn’t the loss of my computer as much as the content on it. God gave me the words I had on that computer and I know he will give them to me again. The pictures I am trying to find from other arias. I was and still am heartbroken from the invasion of my home and will be moving out to give my children more safety. If anyone that is reading this has seen or heard of a Lenovo Laptop with a Pink and white Writing Girls Sticker that also says www.mayarodale.comon it please let me or the Alachua County Police Department know. I am still praying to get it back.

God is good and even in our hard times He has been providing. After the break in I started telling people in my area to get the word out and found out I had a pretty awesome support group. They have been asking around and even showing people the picture I posed online. God supplied enough money for me to still get my girls gifts for Christmas and has given me a huge opportunity to reach others with my book. That’s right Traditionally Defiant: Caraline will be entered into the first annual CIA(Christian Indie Authors) Conference. I am super excited to be a part of this event and will share more on dates and times as I learn them. The point to all this is that satan has not won, he may be throwing daggers trying to brake me and my family but it won’t work. I have friends, family, God at the head and faith to sustain me. As long as I have hope and faith that God will continue to show me His path I will never fall into the devils trap. If you are going through a hard time please know that you are not alone, and trust that it will all work out to the glory of God and He will take care of everything along the way! Thanks for reading, I know it’s not the normal post about hot guys and great books but those are come more soon too. I want you all to get a glimpse into my life and my reading… Feel free to post any prayer request or comments I love hearing from you.


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