Bee Carter has spent a lifetime creating her good-girl persona. Three harsh words uttered in anger shred this carefully crafted façade, testing her relationships.

Nicolas, her handsome billionaire, is hiding a decades-old secret. Bee’s scandal will draw unwanted attention to his dark past, placing the real estate empire he’s built and the employees he manages in peril. Hawke, her tattooed bad-boy biker, protects the rich and famous. His high-profile clients won’t want their bodyguard to be linked to Chicago’s wild woman.

Both men desire her, craving her touch with a white-hot passion, but who will risk everything to stand by her side—her biker or her billionaire?

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Here for another review of one of my favorite miniseries of novellas. I have never been so hooked or aware of when a new installment was coming. It reminds me of the old western shows when the young girls waited for the new story in the paper. It generated sales and suspense, Cynthia is a master of suspense. She knows just where to stop the story and how to start it up again.

Sinful Rewards 6 shows us that no matter how much we plan, how sure we are about our life’s goals, doesn’t mean life itself won’t intervene. Bee’s heart is reaching for Hawke, the one she can’t hold back with. Hawke lets her be the person she hides from the world, but that’s the problem. Bee doesn’t think that person will be accepted by the world. With her past influencing her future she becomes even more determined to force her to fall in love with Nicolas. Nicolas is brought more into the story when the storm at the end of SR5 damages his beloved tree. He is exhausted, in need of only something Bee feels she can give him, care. Bee cares for him and makes sure he rests. After he leaves her with a scintillating kiss she believes her life is finally moving forward where she wants it to.

As life would have it though, smooth sailing was not in the cards. As hard as Hawke tried he was not able to contain all the damage from the lunch with Lona. Belinda Carters name is all over the internet, blogs and more. Lies are being told and believed; packages are being delivered right and left. Bee becomes scared and not just for her safety but Cyndi’s who finally comes home. With everything that is happening Bee is sure she will lose her home, her best friend, and both men in her life. What once seemed so important shifts and Bee will have some big choices to make. 

   Cynthia’s writing is captivating, heartwarming, and it is unbelievably moving. From the first to the last page, I was drawn into Bee, Hawke and Nicolas’s world, felt the sadness the fear, and loneliness that they felt. If you have not read this series you need to start. These books are too amazing to pass up and Cynthia’s writing shows us the ups and downs of real life woven into her fictional characters.


PG Excerpt(Nicolas):

Nicolas emerges from my bedroom twenty minutes later, clean-shaven, dressed in a charcoal gray suit, white shirt, and lilac silk tie. He’s male-model gorgeous, fit to be seen on the cover of GQ magazine, and I gaze at him with open admiration, unable to believe this superb male is interested in me, Belinda Carter.

“I needed that break.” Nicolas strides toward me, gold specks dancing in his dark eyes. The scent of sandalwood and exotic spices fills my nostrils. “I needed you.” He hooks his arms around my waist and pulls me to his long, lean body, his aggression exciting me.

I tilt my head back and gaze up at his beautiful face. He’ll kiss me now and this kiss, unlike its predecessors, will erase all remnants of Hawke and win my complete loyalty. I place my palms on his lapels, the fabric sinfully soft under my fingertips, his form hard, and I wait, allowing him to take the initiative, to seduce me as I long to be seduced.

Nicolas’s phone rings, the device concealed by clothing, and a part of me, the foolish part loyal to Hawke, is relieved. He’ll take this call. He always does, putting his company before his personal desires, before me.

Indecision flickers in my billionaire’s eyes and my heart beats faster and louder, silencing the rumblings of guilt, the murmurs of discontent in my soul. Nicolas is torn between business and me. This is how important I’ve become to him, how much he wants me. I part my lips in invitation and he draws me deeper into him, splaying his fingers over my back.

                                 PG Excerpt(Hawke):

 “Nicolas is coming over,” I blurt. “He needs somewhere quiet to take a nap, and I volunteered my bed. No one will find him here.”

“I can find him there,” Hawke growls, his baritone rolling through my body.
“But you won’t,” I retort, his reaction thrilling me. He wants me, would fight to keep me. “You won’t visit and you won’t call. Nicolas is exhausted. He needs to sleep.”
There’s a long stretch of toe-tapping silence. I press my lips together, smothering my bizarre urge to apologize, to offer more explanations.
“Is that all he’ll be doing, sweetheart—sleeping?” Hawke finally asks, his voice scarily soft.
“We won’t be having sex, if that’s what you’re worried about,” I reply, having no doubts about this prediction. “Nicolas knows I’m a good girl.”
“And you don’t lose control with him.” Hawke’s smug tone implies my lack of restraint when I’m with him is a good thing.
The opposite is true, the passion I feel for Hawke making me nervous. He tempts me to deviate from my plan, to walk away from Nicolas, my constant, steady billionaire, to risk security for a wild whirlwind romance.
“He can sleep in our bed,” Hawke concedes.
“It’s my bed, not our bed, and I wasn’t asking you for permission,” I mutter, titillated by his audacity. “I called because I don’t want you interrupting Nicolas’s nap.”
“Liar.” Hawke laughs and a tremor of awareness shoots along my spine, the connection between us strengthening with every encounter. “You called because you missed me, because you know in your heart you’re mine.”

About The Author:

Cynthia Sax lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you,” they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever. Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.

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