Hey everyone,
  As you are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving or just start your Christmas shopping early I wanted to say a little something. Most of my posts have been about books and this one is no exception but first…
          I know some don’t get into this holiday for one reason or another but I want to encourage you to make a mental note to give thanks anyway. We all live busy lives and yes we should give thanks every day but sometimes time flies by and we forget. So tomorrow and Friday as you are shopping and spending time with friends and family or however you spend your days. Just stop and give thanks, thank your family for being there, or a friend that has always encouraged you, thank your children for giving you the faith and trust of a child, thank God for waking you up for another day and showering you with love, joy, and blessing(some even we may not see yet). In short just be kind and remember if you would like to hear a nice word from someone or get a smile so would that person next to you or at the register.
         Now for the FUN STUFF!!
  As you probably saw at the top of this page is a giveaway and no your eyes work just fine, it is for SIX BOOKS AND AN Amazon GIFT CARD!!! Wahoooo, see if figured you will be spending money and you should be getting something for FREE!! So just enter the giveaway and I will be drawing a name on Monday the first of December… Tell your friends and please follow this Blog to enter even more giveaways!! Also if you scroll down I have a few more you can enter!! Any questions or comments are welcome.

BTW… Tell me a little about how you celebrated Thanksgiving and Black Friday…

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