Amanda Maxlyn writes with an impact, her story has real life issues and emotion mixed with something we all are drawn to – Love. When I first read the description to this book I will be honest and say I wasn’t sure I could read it. Some of you know from past posts that I recently lost my step-father, a man who taught me to reach for my dreams, to cancer. I have avoided movies where I knew the person had it for fear of the worst. When I saw that the main girl had cancer I was very leery and to anyone else who has not read this for that reason, I say read it anyway. I did read What’s Left of Me; it was fantastic from start to finish. Yes, Aundrea McCall is ill, but she is fighting! This is a story we should not avoid but embrace.
Aundrea McCall is twenty-one, she is smart, beautiful, has plans for her future, and wants to be treated like everyone else. She is in a new town where very few know about her medical history and has plans to keep it that way. When her best friend comes to visit and convinces her to have a night of fun, she does. Finding a hot guy she is drawn to they leave for what she believes to be a one night stand (her first ever). What she doesn’t realize is the Hotty has just signed on to be a partner in her brother-in-laws Veterinary practice! Parker (hotty) has made it clear he wants her in his life, but she doesn’t want to get serious. Relationships lead to sharing secrets and Aundrea isn’t ready to see the passion leave Parkers eyes to be replaced with pity.  She has a decision to make, tell him or let him go… Can Aundrea trust the one person that has the power to break her heart? Trust me you need to read this book and DO not STOP reading until the last page.
Having a mom that is a nurse and a step-father that was a brilliant doctor I was able to see that Amanda did her research very well. She shows how emotions are fragile and strong, we can build each other up and that gives amazing strength to fight anything thrown at us. Look for Amanda’s second book to this one What’s left of Us, coming out Nov. 14th. I will have an excerpt to post on the 4th and will be posting a review on the 14th.
Tell me what you think of this book? Was it something you liked right away or had to get into?     

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