A lot of new authors are being brought to my attention lately and Samanthe is one of them. I went to a release party from Facebook and was able to see her sense of humor and love of writing. She listens to the people that read and love her books, this gives her an insight on what people like and what they don’t. It took me a day to read this book and it was really good.
            Dr. Ellie Swan is the girl that was overlooked and made fun of in school. Her home life was sad and not worth sharing with people. She wasn’t popular and didn’t hang out in those crowds. She was smart with big glasses and frizzy hair. Ellie kept to herself and set goals and plans, it’s how she survived! Now and adult she has come back to her hometown to start her own medical practice. She has corrected her eyes, fixed her hair and knows exactly what and who she wants. Some old habits die hard; Ellie has a plan to end all plans. She wants to get her practice up and running, re-establish a relationship with her dad, and marry Roger Reynolds. The third seemed like a long shot until Roger and his long time fiancé called of their engagement! Now is her chance to show him she is the write women for him! There is only one problem; rumor has it Roger wants a women with adventurist tastes and talents in the bedroom.  
            Tyler Longfoot has been the resident sex toy since he was in high school, all the girls want him and he’s willing to make them happy. When he ends up on Dr. Ellie’s doorstep needing a bullet extracted and her silence, she comes up with a new plan. Tyler is intrigued by Dr. Ellie and agrees to her crazy scheme to teach her to bring a man to his knees. A big problem with planning every detail of your life with your head is when you heart doesn’t want to listen. At the moment when all the plans are working to reach her goal, to be happy with the man she has set her sights on, can she go through with it? Ellie has to ask herself the hard question of who she really loves, Tyler or Roger? Both men are amazing, hardworking, and sexier then you can imagine. What will she do? Read to find out…

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