I Adored A Lord
Katharine Ashe does it again; her second book in The Prince Catchers sires was fantastic. If you love the game of Clue or any number of shows where you need to figure out ‘who done it’, this book is right up your ally! Katharine’s characters are trapped on an estate with a murderer, and two of them must discover who this person is, before someone else is next…
Ravenna Caulfield is a free spirit, to put it mildly. She loves being outdoors, never caring for a bonnet, cares for animals and people. Ravenna has decide to let her older sisters do the husband or ‘Prince’ hunting without her. She likes her life as it is and hates when things are forced to change. Unfortunately with her sisters resent marriage a lot will have to change for her, starting with Ravenna being tricked into going to a Prices Bridal Hunt!
Lord Vitor Courtenay is a wondering thrill seeker, never really having anyone to live for but his honor and family. He has survived unbearable torture in his life but nothing compares to his latest assignment… making sure is brother finds a bride.
Lord Vitor and Ravenna start with a bang and the excitement and attraction only gets worse. Together they team up to solve a murder and try to stay alive themselves. With a snowy backdrop, witty characters, and good looking Lords how can you go wrong?
I read this book and was sucked into the world of mystery and intrigue that is all Katharine Ashe. She sets the stage, gets you hooked on the people and you start to wonder who the killer really is? What is the story behind the people gathered and who will the prince choose for his wife. This is a great book and I can’t wait to see what Katharine Ashe will come up with for her next book!

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