Posted on August 9, 2014
Dylan's Redemption
     Going with the theme of the Avon Addict books, I have just finished another great book by an author new to me. Jennifer Ryan writes with passion and touches on subjects not too light and fluffy in her new book. Get out your tissues ladies, cause there is some sad parts that melt your heart.
Jessie Thompson grew up in the small town of Fallbrook. She was invisible to everyone, except her brother, the love of her life Dylan McBride, and the father who uses her as a punching bag. When Dylan leaves without even a goodbye and her father tries to kill her she decides enough is enough. Jessie lets everyone think she is dead, changes her name and starts over. She turns her live around never going back until she is told her father is dead and brother is following in his drunken footsteps. Jessie goes back to lay rest to her past and help her brother get on his feet, but she never expects to run into the new sheriff- Dylan McBride.
Dylan never meant to leave Jessie like he did, she was the one women that meant everything to him. He wanted to get his life on track and figured there would be time to make it right. He never knew about the abuse or the possibility of never seeing her again. He grieved her loss and tried to move on, until he runs smack into her.
I loved the way Jennifer wrote the reunion between Jessie and Dylan, it was fire and tempers flaring. She really lets Jessie feel the emotions as anyone would, the confusion, anger, and resentment are all there. Poor Dylan never knew what hit him, he was shocked to see her alive, wanting to hold her, kiss her and rejoice. He never expected to be one of her reasons for disappearing. There is a long and hard road to redemption but Dylan is bound and determined to make it up to Jessie. He still loves her and vows to prove it. Read this great book from start to finish, it will make you cry, truly feel for the tragedies and pain, but rejoice in the good as well. I hope you like Book Three: The McBride series, I know I did and just bought the first two.

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