Posted on August 6, 2014

The Cowboy and The Angel
The Cowboy and the Angel by T. J. Kline
Hot cowboys, rodeo, strong family values, and did I mention HOT cowboys. This book has it all; T.J. Kline has a talent with details that was incredible. She grew up in the rodeo life so was able to bring her knowledge to the story making it even more realistic. In this second book in her story of the Chandler family, we get to know more about Derek Chandler. I have not read T.J.’s First book Rodeo Queen but have full intentions of buying it.
Derek Chandler has made mistakes in his past he feels he has to overcome to prove to his family he can step up and be the man he was raised to be. He has taken more responsibility in the family rodeo business and works hard to stifle his more spirited side. That is until a nosy reporter hell bent on finding a story to ruin his family shows up.
Angela McCallister has lived her life to achieve one goal-to escape. She has to get a great story in order for her to achieve this however. He boss and longtime friend can only seem to get her stories that are light and fluffy; these won’t get her out of the town that is killing her and her father. She needs something more controversial, something that gets ratings. An anonymous tip leads her to the Findley Brothers, the ones in charge of stock for rodeos. She hopes to find the animals being mistreated and a villain for her story. What she finds is a loving family that shows her what she has been missing, and the women she was meant to be.
This may sound like a cut and dry girls and guy find love but trust me it’s not. There are obstacles and personal challenges that threaten to keep Derek and Angela apart at every turn. They take two steps forward and ten backward, their desire is hard to stifle but mistrust is harder to overcome. T.J. kept me reading, needing to know how the book ended. You will love her style and voice as you plunge into the world of rodeo. On Sale Now!

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