This is the fourth book in Dixie Lee Brown’s A Trust No One Novel and the first I have read from her. It was not a disappointment! As the fourth book in the series I was worried it would require reading the other three for me to understand what was happening. This is not the case, Whatever It Takes can be a stand-alone book but I will warn you, it will make you want to read more. Dixie gives her characters strength and makes you love them instantly. After one chapter there was no putting the book down.
Alexandra (Alex) Morgan has lived a life of terror, and has become an assassin with an elite team. She prefers to work alone and only trusts those who have proven their loyalty to her. When she encounters Detective Nate Sanders, a man like no other, who makes her heart pound and body heat up she has one thought- stay away. This proves to be harder than she thinks when her boss assigns her to go under cover as the wife to none other than the sexy Detective. She reminds herself the mission is to save a child that could be heading into the same life she had to endure. She made a promise to always protect those that couldn’t do it themselves and this was no exception.
Detective Nate Sanders is sexy, kind, understanding, and has it bad for Alex. She is strong-willed, beautiful, and has a past he can barely comprehend anyone surviving, yet he can’t stay away. The mission worries him because he needs her to at least pretend to trust him, something he hasn’t earned yet. Nate knows she is the one woman that could be his undoing, but he is determined to have her in his life.
Throughout this book it is amazing to see the growth and strength of both Alex and Nate. Dixie brought in the team work and comradery with a natural flare that makes you feel like a part of the book. There are twists and turns and unexpected events that put you on the edge of your seat. Trust me when I say this is a book you want to pre-order and in the meantime if you haven’t read the first three in the series, they are for sale now!

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