Posted on September 1, 2014
Sara Jane Stone is an Avon Romance writer I recently discovered during a live chat through Avon’s Facebook page. She is amazing, her talent for writing passionate scenes, heartwarming love, and describing the nature around you engages your mind fully. Sara has a great deal of knowledge and depth that she brings to her characters to make this book come alive and feel very real. There is romance, loyalty, strength and even a level of cute she intertwines in the pages. I was unable to put the book down even with the gift of at least ten new books I received recently. I had to finish it and know if they would come together or not. A great start to this series!
Georgia has survived the worst, she has watched people die, struggled to survive herself, and now vows to live to the fullest. After her time in Afghanistan Georgia comes back to her safe haven to truly live her life and feel every sensation. Her brother and his best friend are being helpful and supportive of her near death stunts but she has saved the best for last. Georgia has been drawn to her brother’s best friend Eric since she was young; she followed after the boys as often as she could. Always hoping Eric would see her as a women and not just a friend. As they grew up their friendship had grown too, now she lives with him as the nanny to his nephew. Georgia knows it now or never… she has to make her move!
Eric knows Georgia is still suffering nightmares, PTSD, and even more from her time in the Army. He promised her brother he would watch over and keep her safe. He gave her a job to keep her busy and help her to stay grounded. She is amazing with his nephew who has grown attached to her, but then again who wouldn’t? Georgia was gorgeous, smart, brave, and very determined to live her life on her terms. Eric has loved her and wanted her since junior high, but he also knows the difference between right and wrong. It was right to take in his nephew after his sister died, it was wrong to touch his best friends sister. Georgia had always been a strict ‘hands off’ policy for his; this didn’t stop his brain from conjuring fantasies of her though. All goes according to his planes; Eric is handling his baser instincts until Georgia drops her towel. He is only a man after all…
You will have to read this titillating book to find out if Eric and Georgia can put their fears and pasts aside to finally discover the one thing worth fighting for-Love!

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