All I Want Is You, By Toni Blake

Posted on April 27, 2014

Hey all,
I realize I haven’t posted in far too long and I would love to tell you it’s because I have been writing. Life has thrown me a few unexpected curves and I am working them out. In the mean time I have been reading some great books. One I would love to share with you is by one of my Top favorites Toni Blake. She is the author of The Destiny Series amongst others. Her newest Book All I Want Is You goes on sale May 27th 2014, but I was a blessed winner of an early copy. I became hooked after only a few pages but then my family had a reunion and can you believe I was unable to read at Disney world, lol. So as soon as my girls and I got home I grabbed it up and read. I was frantic to find out what happened to the main characters that I could relate to so easily. Toni does a great job at making her characters relatable and real.
My Brief description:
Christy Knight is struggling with money problems, loss of control, and pressures that only the book can tell you about. She is desperate to figure out where and what life wants from her. She goes down a bad path but finds the guy of her dreams… too bad he doesn’t like what brought her to his door.
Jake DuVall has been hurt in his past to the point of closing himself off from everyone. He has a good business and life going until one woman turns it upside down, he tries to stay away, tries to keep her at a distance thinking she is just like the last women who broke him. What they both realize is their lives are not their own anymore and they are far to drawn to each other to stay away. Can they keep it casual or will their long trip to a small town called Coral Cove push them closer than either of them could imagine?
While reading this book I found more to love than just the main characters, that’s what Toni is amazing at. She creates a world you want to get lost in; I even looked it up to see if the town existed because I wanted it to be real. The people are warm, friendly, and very corky but it’s what helps Jake and Christy fall in love with the place. I’m dying to know what will happen in her next book. If you have read her Destiny books you will love this as well, an added bonus is Toni has given “cameos” to the Destiny girls. This made me happy because I was wondering how they were doing, like long lost friends coming back into your life. I could go on and on but I don’t want to ruin the book for the rest of you. READ IT you won’t regret it.
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